Samsung Galaxy S8 How to disable Autocorrect after pressing space button – Resolved

If you write with your Samsung Galaxy S8 text, then words may be automatically replaced through the automatic text recognition, also called Autocorrect. This works a lot better than the keyboard predecessors did, but some suggestions are totally wrong and you will be wondering how you could write something like that.

So if you want to disable the auto-replace feature of the Samsung Galaxy S8 keyboard, please follow the steps below.

Samsung Galaxy S8

Open the app menu and then the settings. Scroll down to "Language and Input". From there continue as follows:

  • Screen Keyboard --> Samsung Keyboard --> Text Recognition

You can leave the text recognition activated, but only the "Auto replace" function must be deactivated. To do this, move the slider from "On" to "Off".

If you now write a message, an e-mail or any other text with the Samsung keyboard on the S8, no more words are automatically replaced when you press the space button. You have successfully disabled this feature.

Hopefully, you will no longer be surprised by strange words - if so, then this time it is unfortunately up to you ;-)

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