Samsung Galaxy S8 How to Disable Bixby Button - Tip

The Samsung Galaxy S8 was the first Galaxy device to integrate the Bixby button. This is an extra button on the left side of the case that lets you call Samsung's Bixby Voice Assistant.

If you do not want to use it then this button is pretty useless. Since it is obvious that you want to prove this again. But this does not work within the Android settings, but only with an app from the Google Play Store.

Samsung Galaxy S8

How exactly, we explain to you here. First, download the following app from the Google Play Store:

After downloading, open it on your S8.

Now select "Re-key". You now have tons of options to remap the Bixby Button. Make your selection and then confirm it. After a restart, the Bixby button should then be assigned to the desired function.

You now know how to remap the Bixby Button on the Samsung Galaxy S8.


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