Samsung Galaxy S8 How to Disable Indicator on App – Notifications

If you receive a new message on your Samsung Galaxy S8, for example, in WhatsApp, in Facebook Messenger, in the SMS app and so on, then you will see a small digit in the corresponding app the upper right corner.

This number indicates the number of new notifications for this app. The so-called indicator can be deactivated in the Android settings if required. How exactly this works on your Samsung Galaxy S8, we explain to you here:

Samsung Galaxy S8

The whole works only if such an indicator is in an app like WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. is displayed. To display the pop-up menu, press and hold the icon (in our case the Facebook app icon). The pop-up menu appears.

Click on "Remove indicator" to deactivate the number or the indicator for this app. Finished!

You now know the procedure to remove an indicator on the Samsung Galaxy S8. This will prevent others from immediately recognizing when a new WhatsApp message or a new Facebook message has arrived.


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