Samsung Galaxy S8 How to display hidden service menu

There is a menu on the Samsung Galaxy S8, which is not so easy to display via the Android interface. This is the so-called service menu. In this menu, you can test the Samsung Galaxy S8 for features. This includes, for example, a function test for the individual sensors.

But also the display can be checked for pixel errors. So it makes sense to look at this service menu on the Samsung Galaxy S8 a bit more closely. We will explain how to access the menu.

Navigate as follows:

Samsung Galaxy S8

Open the phone app on the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the keypad. Enter the following code to display Samsung's service menu:

  • *#0*#

You will now see several tiles on the display. Each tile represents a function test. It is particularly interesting when you look at the "sensor" tile more closely.

The sensor data output is in real time. You now know the way to open on the Samsung Galaxy S8 the secret service and test menu.


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