Samsung Galaxy S8 how to display info on lock screen – tip

If you lose your smartphone today, it is very hard for the honest finder to find out who owns the smartphone. A lock screen is almost always active, which prevents the finder from entering the smartphone.

So, of course, he cannot call a contact person. There is the possibility to put emergency contacts on the screen, but here is the question, if everyone finds them.

Samsung Galaxy S8

Especially elderly people, who are not so familiar with new smartphones this is very difficult. Therefore, we strongly recommend you to leave a small info on the screen. This allows the finder to quickly reach a defined contact. We tell you how to add such information on the screen:

1. Open the app menu and there the settings

2. Tap "Device Security" and click on "Information and Face widgets"

3. Now, please enter a text with "Contact information", which is roughly as follows:

  • "If found please call the following number: +49 12345678. Thank you =)"

This info text is now always displayed on the lock screen. The chance that an honest finder will return your Samsung Galaxy S8 is significantly higher.


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