Samsung Galaxy S8 How to display the official holidays within calendar - solved

If you are using the "Calendar" app on the Samsung Galaxy S8, which is pre-installed on your smartphone, then you may be looking for a way to display the official holidays. This is a useful option, for example, to quickly detect bridge days.

Samsung Galaxy S8

We would like to show you how to display the holidays in the calendar on the Samsung Galaxy S8. To do so, open the Calendar app of your Samsung Galaxy S8. Then proceed as follows:

1. Select the symbol with the three points in the upper right corner - A menu opens

2. Tap the "Manage Calendar" entry

3. Scroll down to the Google Calendar elements - Here you find "Holidays in “YOUR COUNTRY"

4. Activate the option using the slider. Finished!

From now on you will see the holidays in the Calendar app and also in the corresponding widget on the Home screen. You have successfully activated these for your Samsung Galaxy S8.


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