Samsung Galaxy S8 How to enable developer options

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is equipped with the operating system Android. In this, you can activate additional options. These are the so-called developer options. These are however not activated from factory on the Samsung Galaxy S8 and therefore also not visible in the settings.

We'll tell you how to unlock these on the Samsung Galaxy S8.To activate the developer mode on the Samsung Galaxy S8, proceed as follows:

Samsung Galaxy S8

1. Open the app menu and then the Android system settings

2. Now scroll down all the way until you see "Device information" – Tap on it

3. Next, select "Software info" and you will see the "Build number" entry in the next submenu.

4. Tap the "Build number" entry several times until you see the message "Developer options enabled"

Return to the settings and you will be able to see the developer options at the end of the list. You now know how to unlock the developer mode on the Galaxy S8 quickly and easily.


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