Samsung Galaxy S8 How to Enable Download Booster – Stream faster

You can link your W-Lan connection to the LTE data link on the Samsung Galaxy S8 and thus benefit from a very fast download. This is the so-called "Download Booster" function. A prerequisite for this is that an LTE connection is available and the download server offers a corresponding speed.

We'll tell you where to enable the download booster in the Android settings of the S8. Please proceed as follows:

Start from the home screen and then open the app menu. From here go to:

Samsung Galaxy S8

Settings --> Connections --> Other Connection Settings --> Download Booster

The download booster can now be activated by using a controller.

From now on large files with more than 30 MB are loaded with the download booster, thus a combination of W-Lan and LTE connection. Please note that larger amounts of data may be carried over your LTE connection and a corresponding mobile data contract is necessary.

You now know how to activate the download booster on the Samsung Galaxy S8 and thus enable faster downloads.


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