Samsung Galaxy S8 How to enlarge Home screen - customize screen grid

If the number of apps or widgets per page of the home screen is too little or too much, then this is no problem on the Samsung Galaxy S8. You can customize it individually. We will show you how you can enlarge the area of ​​the home screen on the Samsung Galaxy via the screen grid.

Samsung Galaxy S8

To do this, press your finger long on a free area of ​​the home screen until it is reduced and you can see a toolbar at the bottom of the display.

In this menu, select "Start Page Settings". Finished!

Next, tap the "Start screen grid" entry.

By default, "4x5" is activated, so there is room for 20 apps.

You can now select the following screen grid sizes:

  • 4x5 = 20
  • 4x6 = 24
  • 5x5 = 25

Depending on the amount of space you want to have on a single home screen, you must select the corresponding grid. You can then add more apps and widgets to the home screen. You now know how to enlarge the screen grid of the start screen on the Samsung Galaxy S8.


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