Samsung Galaxy S8 How to Rotate image in gallery

If you have taken or saved a photo with your Samsung Galaxy S8, which is upside down or turned to the wrong side, you probably want to rotate it so that you can view it normally, without having to do any contortions.

How to rotate an image in the Gallery app of the Samsung Galaxy S8 is explained in the following article:

Samsung Galaxy S8

1. First, open the App menu and there the Gallery app, which is installed on the smartphone ex factory

2. Open now the picture, which you would like to rotate

3. Tap on the three-point-symbol above and a menu opens up. Now select one of the two options: Turn left (90 °) Turn right (90 °)

Touch the item until the photo is aligned so that you can see it in the right direction. You now know how to easily rotate and align a photo or picture in the Gallery App on the Samsung Galaxy S8.


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