Samsung Galaxy S8 How to save Battery - 10 Helpful Tips

The Samsung Galaxy S8 has a battery with 3000 mAh capacity and is thus compared to an S7 edge (3600 mAh) unfortunately "poorly" equipped. This, of course, also has an impact on the battery life, so it makes sense to disable or to reduce certain features to improve the battery life.

We present you 10 helpful tips, which save battery on the Samsung Galaxy S8. With these tips the battery power of the S8 and the S8 Plus is increased:

Reduce the display brightness

Samsung Galaxy S8

The brightness of the Samsung Galaxy S8 display is highly responsible for the battery life. Here you can save the most battery by setting the brightness as low as possible. This is best done by pulling the status bar of the Samsung Galaxy S8 down with two fingers from the top of the screen.

Now you see the control for the brightness. Set the brightness control as low as possible.
In addition, tap the small arrow next to it to open the menu for the brightness. Disable "Auto Brightness". This keeps your setting.

Switch off unnecessary send and receive functions if not required

This includes the following functions:

  • Bluetooth
  • Wireless Internet access
  • NFC
  • GPS
  • Mobile Internet

Pull down the status bar, and then deactivate all of the features you do not need at the moment.

Activate energy saving mode

One of the few simple methods to save on the Samsung Galaxy S8 fast battery. Activate the energy saving mode via the status bar. This usually extends the battery time between 15-25% depending on which performance is chosen.

You can choose between "Medium" and "Max" as pre-configured settings. However, these can also be adjusted so that more battery can be saved.

Before going to sleep - activate the aircraft mode

The airplane mode disables all active connections. Since network modules, modem and W-Lan on the Samsung Galaxy S8 need a lot of electricity, this saves you a lot of battery power. It is important that you cannot receive calls or messages at night.

The aircraft mode is simply activated on the S8 and the S8 Plus by pulling down the status bar and then tapping the aircraft icon.

Do not use live background - disable parallax effect

Live backgrounds constantly require processor performance. Even if they are looking beautiful, they absorb a lot of battery capacity. So use instead of live backgrounds a JPEG wallpaper.
The parallax effect needs the same performance as your Live Wallpaper, because the motion sensors are used non-stop.

This is deactivated by re-setting the background image. To do this:

  • Settings --> Backgrounds & Themes

Select a photo and you will see the "Motion effect" option. Only the marking has to be removed. Finished!

Shorten the timeout until the display is switched off

The display timeout determines the time after which the screen of the Samsung Galaxy S8 switches off automatically and sends the smartphone into the standby. The shorter the timeout is set, the more battery is saved. The timeout can be adjusted on the Samsung Galaxy S8 as follows:

Disable Always On Display

Even if the Samsung Galaxy S8's always-on display is to consume only a small amount of battery, it consumes more than when it is completely switched off. Therefore, you should disable the Always On Display to reduce the battery consumption on your Samsung Galaxy S8. Simply draw the status bar and then deactivate the corresponding toggle. Finished!

The following tips are designed to maintain a maximum battery life and are therefore not necessarily suitable for everyday use. For the sake of completeness we would nevertheless like to consider:

Activate GSM mode permanently

The network mode "GSM" can be set permanently manually. This connects your Samsung Galaxy S8 with the GSM mobile network. The advantage is that the network switching between LTE, HSPA and GSM network is no longer necessary. And so you can manually set the network mode on the Samsung Galaxy S8:

Open the settings and then connections. Next, go to "Mobile Networks" --> "Network Mode". Set the "2G" option.

Disable Wi-Fi in standby mode

If your Galaxy S8 turns into the standby, this function will also automatically disable the W-lan connection. This feature will save you battery power when activated. Remember, however, that no e-mails and WhatsApp messages can be received, as long as you are in stand-by.

To activate the function open:

Settings --> Connections --> W-Lan --> Advanced --> W-Lan in standby mode

Set "Never"!

The mobile data connection must of course also be deactivated.

Disable apps

Applications that you not use should be disabled. This includes, for example, the Microsoft Office App.

We hope that these tips have helped you to extend the battery life of your Samsung Galaxy S8 or your Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus.

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