Samsung Galaxy S8 How to set E-mail polling interval and sync frequency - Solution

You can use the E-Mail app on the Samsung Galaxy S8, which is installed on the device from the factory. This e-mail app offers you various settings. This also includes the polling interval also called sync frequency, which regularly checks for new e-mails on the server.

If the sync interval is too long or too short, you can customize it individually. We will show you how this works:

Samsung Galaxy S8

1. To do so, please open the app menu from your home screen and then the Samsung E-Mail app

2. Tap the bar icon (hamburger icon) in the upper-left corner, then click the gear icon at the top of the page. This will display the settings for the e-mail app.

3. Select the account to which the polling interval should be adjusted

4. Now scroll down to "Polling Settings" and tap the entry - you can now set the sync settings.

Between 15 minutes and every 4 hours everything is possible.

You now know how to customize your sync frequency e-mail settings on the Samsung Galaxy S8. If you receive a lot of e-mails, we recommend you to set it to "15 minutes".


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