Samsung Galaxy S8 How to stay unlocked and illuminated during car drive - Resolved

If you want to use the Samsung Galaxy S8 continuously during the car trip with the screen unlocked, and constantly illuminated, then you have to make the following settings and precautions in Android. To do so, the Smart Lock option and a setting in the developer options must be activated.

We explain how to proceed:

Set up SmartLock for Bluetooth hands-free kit (this will keep the device permanently unlocked)

Samsung Galaxy S8

Connect your Samsung Galaxy S8 to your car's Bluetooth hands-free kit. As soon as a pairing has taken place, you can now register your car phone under "Smart Lock" on the Samsung Galaxy S8. This works as follows.

Open the app menu and then the settings. Go to "Device Safety" and then "Smart Lock". You will see various options for Smart Lock. One of them is:

  • Reliable devices

Tap the entry and then select “Add Trusted Device”. Then go to "Bluetooth" where you can find a list of available devices. Select the Auto Bluetooth hands-free kit. Finished!

Enable developer options - "Stay awake" (the screen remains on)

To keep the screen lit permanently, you must connect the smartphone to a charger. We recommend a 12V adapter with USB connection. Such adapters are available here:

The developer options are not active on the Samsung Galaxy S8 from the factory and must be enabled first. Please read our instructions for this INTERNER LINK

After you have activated the developer mode, please open it via the settings. Activate the Master slider for it and then look for "Stay awake" in the list. If you have found the entry, activate it. Finished!

You can now hopefully use your Samsung Galaxy S8 in your car with a permanently activated display and without having to unlock it.

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