Samsung Galaxy S8 How to Transfer pictures to PC - Instructions

With the Samsung Galaxy S8 you can take great photos and videos, which you can later view on your PC. In order for this to work, you must first get the photo and video files to the computer.

How does it work best? We'll tell you how to transfer photos and videos from the Samsung Galaxy S8 to your computer or laptop.

Classic variant: USB cable

Samsung Galaxy S8

The smartphone connects to your PC using the included USB cable. This should recognize the device and then display it as a portable media device. On the PC, select this media device (Make sure the S8 is unlocked, otherwise you will not see anything)

  • Open the folder: DCIM -> Camera

Copy all files to your PC.

Mobile version: OTG adapter and USB stick required

Take your OTG adapter and plug it into the USB Type C connection of your Samsung Galaxy S8. Now connect a USB stick with sufficient capacity with the S8. This should now be displayed in Android as a data carrier.

Open the file explorer "My files"

Let's see the folder "DCIM -> Camera" and then stay with a finger on a file for a long time. This will be highlighted or the "Select all" option appears. Tap and select the icon with the three dots "Copy". Copy these files to the USB stick.

Navigate to the USB stick in the "My Files" app, tap the three-point symbol in the upper right corner, and then click "Insert". Finished!

Depending on how many pictures and videos you have on the S8, this process takes time. The files are then on the USB stick, which you can then simply connect to the PC or a TV.

You now know how to transfer photos and videos from the Samsung Galaxy S8 to the PC.

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