Samsung Galaxy S8 How to Uninstall Facebook app – Tip

If you have just set up your new Samsung Galaxy S8, you'll find that some apps are already preinstalled on your smartphone. This includes, for example, the app "Facebook". The Social Network app is used by many users, but you might want to decide on yourself whether you install it on the smartphone.

At the latest, the question is certainly:

How can I uninstall the Facebook app on the Samsung Galaxy S8?

Samsung Galaxy S8

The answer is simple and partly dissatisfying – You Can´t (only with root rights)

The alternative does not free up the occupied space, but deactivates the app completely on the Samsung Galaxy S8. How does this work? We would like to explain this to you in this article:

Facebook Disable – Instructions

1. Open the app menu on the Samsung Galaxy S8 and scrolls to the page where the Facebook app icon is visible

2. Press and hold your finger on the Facebook icon until a small menu appears:

3. Now tap "Disable" - done!

You have just disabled the Facebook app on the Samsung Galaxy S8.

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