Samsung Galaxy S8 How to update Firmware manually

On the Samsung Galaxy S8, new firmware updates are automatically offered for download and installation. However, it may well be that an update is displayed several days or weeks later.

Here, it makes sense to search for a new firmware for your Samsung Galaxy S8. This is easy by navigating to the following Android submenu on your smartphone:

Samsung Galaxy S8

Open the app menu and then use the gear icon to scroll down the list until you see "Software Update" - Select the entry.

Here you will find the menu point "Download updates manually", which you please tap on. Your Samsung Galaxy S8 will now look for a newer firmware and offer it if available for download and installation. Here it is sensible that you are in a W-Lan network, since the data amounts may be several hundred megabytes.

You now know how to manually search for a new Android firmware on the Samsung Galaxy S8, if it is not offered to you automatically.


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