Samsung Galaxy S8 How to use MP3 as Ringtone

If you prefer to use an MP3 ringtone on the Samsung Galaxy S8 instead of a standard ringtone from the Android portfolio, then you may be wondering how exactly this works on your smartphone.

For this reason, we would like to explain to you here how to assign an MP3 sound as a ringtone. This is for the Samsung Galaxy S8 as follows:

Samsung Galaxy S8


You must first save an MP3 file on the Samsung Galaxy S8. You can either store an MP3 file on the smartphone's internal memory via the Internet or the USB cable. If you have dubbed the MP3 song on the Samsung Galaxy S8, you can now start setting it up as the active ringtone in Android.

This is how it works: Set up MP3 ringtone - step by step

1. Please open the App menu and the settings from the home screen. Here you will find the menu item "Sounds & Vibration". Touch this menu item and the submenu will open.

2. In this you can now select the menu item "Ringtone". It will now open a list in which all ringtones are listed, which are currently available on the Samsung Galaxy S8. These are usually those already provided by Android, by the mobile operator or by Samsung.

Own MP3 songs (including the song transferred) that are on the smartphone are not yet included in this list.

3. To add a new MP3 ringtone, you have to select the "Add by phone" button at the end of the list. It will now open a window with "complete process with" - Select "Sound selection" and it will open the corresponding window. In this you can now see all the songs that are stored in MP3 format on your Samsung Galaxy S8.

4. Now select an MP3 song that you want to use as the active ringtone on the Samsung Galaxy S8. If you have marked this, it will now play, so you can check if this MP3 file is suitable for ringtone usage.

If you are satisfied with the selection, you can accept the selected MP3 song by tapping the "Ok" button on the top.

Now you have added a ringtone on your Samsung Galaxy S8, which is stored as an MP3 file on the internal memory or the memory card.

If you receive a call on the Samsung Galaxy S8, then this ringtone will be played from now on. With this you have made the device even more individual and adapted. Have fun with your new MP3 ringtone.


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