Samsung Galaxy S8 Is a virus scanner necessary? Tip

If you set up your Samsung Galaxy S8 after purchase, then you ask yourself after some time, the question of whether you need an additional anti-virus software and if so which. Here we would like to give you a brief explanation on the subject and also whether it is worthwhile for you to install an additional anti-virus scanner on the Samsung Galaxy S8:

What makes an additional anti-virus scanner on the Samsung Galaxy S8 useful?

Samsung Galaxy S8

An anti-virus scanner is more than a "malware scanner" on an Android system. This means that it will search your installed apps and see if any suspicious patterns or known potential threats are present.

That was it already.

Because additional functions such as a firewall are only possible with root privileges and this has the least.

When does an additional anti-virus scanner on the Samsung Galaxy S8 make sense?

This question can be answered as follows: If you load your apps from secure sources like the Google Play Store or the Amazon App Market, then you do not need an additional anti-virus scanner. Why?

Because Google or Amazon review all apps that come into the store. An anti-virus scanner usually works less well than Google's or Amazon's systems, which in turn means that if Google or Amazon smashes an app into the market that has malware, it will not be recognized by an anti-virus scanner on your Samsung Galaxy S8.

If you charge apps from secure sources, then you do not need an additional virus scanner, such as Avast Mobile. Otherwise, if you often load an APK file from the net and install it on the Samsung Galaxy S8. Here we recommend you to install an additional scanner such as AVG or Avast, because there is no additional check by Google or Amazon.

If your App APK-s are from unknown sources, such as a website, then you should install an additional virus scanner.

Additional Information:

How to use integrated Virus Scanner Samsung Galaxy S8:

The virus scanner is in the following submenu of the system:

Homescreen -> App Menu -> Settings -> Device Maintenance -> Device Security

Here you will find a button with "Scan Phone". If you touch it you will be asked to accept the privacy policy of "Intel Security". This is the integrated virus scanner on the Samsung Galaxy S8.

Alternatively, you can only use "Google Play Protect" - more information can be found here.

We hope the article helped you better assess the issue of anti-virus scanners on the Samsung Galaxy S8.

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