Samsung Galaxy S8 look up runtime after last reboot - Tip

A smartphone like the Samsung Galaxy S8 should be restarted at regular intervals. This is the only way to stop background processes that may interfere with the Android operating system and affect performance.

We would like to explain how you can see the runtime after the last reboot. How long has the Samsung Galaxy S8 been running since the last reboot?


Samsung Galaxy S8

1. Open the Android app menu from the home screen and select the settings

2. Scroll down to "Phone info" and open the submenu

3. Go to "Status" - Scroll down here until you see the runtime - This is the runtime of the S8 since the last reboot

This should be a value less than 240 hours. If the value is above this, your smartphone will run for more than 10 days at a time.

Our recommendation: Restart the Samsung Galaxy S8 every 10 days to get the best performance from the device.

You now know how to see the runtime on the Samsung Galaxy S8 since the Samsung Galaxy S8 was last restarted.


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