Samsung Galaxy S8 mobile data active despite Wi-Fi connection is on – solved

On the Samsung Galaxy S8, it is possible that you will be displayed in the status bar, that in addition to an active Wi-Fi connection the mobile data is also active. Normally, with an active Wi-Fi connection, the mobile data is automatically deactivated.

So why is that? We have the solution for you:

Samsung Galaxy S8

The cause is the option: "Leave mobile data enabled" We show you where to find this option in the Android settings of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and then how to disable it.

1. Open the App menu and then the settings

2. Scroll down until you see "Developer options" - select the entry

3. Now go down in the next list until you reach the section "Network" you can see the entry "Keep mobile data activated".

4. Now move the slider from "on" to "off" to switch off the mobile data during a wireless connection.

You now know why your Samsung Galaxy S8 in the status bar has the Wi-Fi symbol and the mobile data be displayed at the same time.



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