Samsung Galaxy S8 moisture detected - charging not possible

On your Samsung Galaxy S8, an error message may appear on the screen when your device connects to a USB Type C charging cable. The message is as follows: "Check the port - moisture detected. To charge your device, make sure your charger / USB port is dry." We explain what this means and what you can do about it.

The message appears when moisture has been detected. This can be the case, for example, after contact with water, but also sweat or high humidity in the air, for example in the bathroom, can be the cause.

 We recommend the following tips to correct the error message and charge the device as usual:

Samsung Galaxy S8

# 1 Disconnect - Reconnect

Disconnect the cable from the charging port of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and then connect this again. This often helps to correct the error. If not, then continue with tip # 2.

# 2 Dry USB port of Samsung Galaxy S8

In the simple variant, blow air into the charging port. If this does not help, then use a hair dryer. Set it to cold air and then aim with the airflow to the USB port of your S8. The error message should then no longer appear.


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