Samsung Galaxy S8 Mute incoming call by turning over

There are various gestures on the Samsung Galaxy S8 with which you can trigger special functions. One of these gestures is the following:

Mute an incoming call by turning the Samsung Galaxy S8 over. How exactly this works, we would like to explain to you below:

To activate the gesture "Simple mute", please proceed as follows:

Samsung Galaxy S8

1. Start from the home screen and then open the App menu

2. Now navigate to settings --> Motions and gestures --> Mute

3. Now you will find the option "Easy mute" - Select it and then activate the switch

4. You have now activated the gesture within Android and can now easily mute calls and alarms by turning the Samsung Galaxy S8 over or by sliding your hand over the sensor to the left of the earcup.

This allows you to mute your Samsung Galaxy S8 very quickly in unpleasant situations.


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