Samsung Galaxy S8 New Sim Pin? Change it to your old one! - Resolved

If you've got a new pin to unlock your Sim card to your new Samsung Galaxy S8, you may find it hard to remember this new assigned sim pin. If you prefer your old pin, then you can of course change the pin for the Sim card by using the S8.

We would like to explain in detail how this works. Please proceed as follows:

Samsung Galaxy S8

1. Open the Android system settings and then "Device security"

2. From here, select "Other security settings"

3. Under the menu item "Sim lock setup" you will find the option "Change sim card pin" - Select the entry

4. You must now enter the old (new) Sim card pin and then set your desired pin. (Your old pin)

You have successfully changed the pin for the Sim card with your Samsung Galaxy S8. You no longer need to remember a new sim pin.


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