Samsung Galaxy S8 Notification LED defect - How to Test It

If you feel that the notification LED on your Samsung Galaxy S8 is broken and no longer emits light notifications, then you can perform a functional test of the LED. We explain to you here how exactly this works or can be found.

To do this, first of all open the service menu on the Samsung Galaxy S8:

Samsung Galaxy S8

1. Open the phone app and then the keypad

2. Now enter the following code: *#0*#

3. The service menu will now appear. In this case, please select the tile with "LED"

4. On the display first "RED" appears, then "GREEN" and lastly "BLUE"

The notification LED of your Samsung Galaxy S8 should always be lit in the appropriate color. If the LED does that, then everything is okay, or you have to check if there is a software error. (Tip Wipe Cache Partition)

If a color or none of the colors light up, then most likely there is a defect in the LED. You should then make use of the warranty of the Samsung Galaxy S8.

You have now learned a way to test the Samsung Galaxy S8 notification LED for a defect.


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