Samsung Galaxy S8 Open status bar by fingerprint sensor

The fingerprint sensor is located on the back of the Samsung Galaxy S8. This is, of course, mainly intended for unlocking the smartphone or authorizing operations. However, the fingerprint sensor can also be used for other functions.

Samsung Galaxy S8

This includes, for example, opening the status bar. To do this, you must activate the "finger sensor gestures". This works as follows:

Open from the start screen of the smartphone the App menu and there the Android system settings. Scroll down and then select "Advanced functions". In addition to many other nice features, you will also find "finger sensor gestures".

Open the submenu and activate the option by using the slider. If you now pass the finger sensor from top to bottom, the status bar will open. If you move opposite the surface of the sensor, the status bar is closed. The whole thing is probably more a gimmick than that it really brings a benefit =) But you know now nevertheless, how it can be adjusted.


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