Samsung Galaxy S8 phone number suppression - manual

The ability to suppress your own call number during a call is currently offered by each mobile service provider, but this must first be activated. In the case of a call with a suppressed call number, the called contact only can see "Unknown" or "Private number" on the display.

Samsung Galaxy S8

So with a suppressed number the contact cannot know where the call is coming from. In our guide, we would now like to explain how you can suppress your own number. This works as follows:

1. On your S8, open the phone app and then tap the three-tap icon in the upper-right corner

2. Now scroll down and select "More Settings".

3. The first entry is the same: "View your own number". Optional:

4. Select "Hide number". Finished!

If you are now calling a contact with your Samsung Galaxy S8, your name or phone number will no longer appear, but "Private" or "Unknown" instead. Your own phone number can therefore no longer be viewed.

You now know the procedure, in order to suppress on the Samsung Galaxy S8 your own number.

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