Samsung Galaxy S8 Pressure sensitive Home Button does not work - test

For example, the Samsung Galaxy S8 can be fetched from the standby by pressing the Home button. If you feel that your home button, or the touch sensor behind it does not function properly, then you can test this sensor by using the Samsung service menu this time. We'll explain how this works.

Samsung Galaxy S8

To do this, first open the phone app on the Samsung Galaxy S8 and then the keypad. Now enter the following code using the number field:

  • * # 0 * #

This will now bring you the service menu of Samsung on the screen. Now select the following tile:

  • Sub Key

You will now see the Home button at the bottom of the display. Now press the button for a long time. If the display turns blue, then the button works and you can leave the test via "Exit".

If the display is not blue, then something is wrong with your pressure sensor, which is behind the home button and you should claim the guarantee.


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