Samsung Galaxy S8 Recover Deleted Pictures – Tip

Unfortunately, it can happen again and again. You accidentally delete pictures, photos and videos on your Samsung Galaxy S8. Now good advice is expensive, because of course you do not want to miss these photos and ask yourself for this reason the question:

How can I recover deleted photos on the Samsung Galaxy S8 and save them?

Exactly here we would like to present you two variants:

Variant 1: App "DiskDigger Photo Recovery"

Samsung Galaxy S8

This app is installed directly on the Google Play Store on the Samsung Galaxy S8 and is free. In addition, the app has more than 10 million installations and an average rating of 4.1 stars.

Many users were able to recover images and videos on the internal memory, as well as the memory card. The app can be downloaded here:

Then launch the app and you can easily start the image search. Depending on how many images can be found, this process takes less time or longer. Found images and photos can then be saved on the device.

Variant 2: Use Recuva on the PC - Works mostly with the memory card

If the pictures and videos were stored on the Micro SD memory card of the Samsung Galaxy S8, you now have the option of using a recovery software "Recuva".

Recuva gives you the ability to allow a deep scan on the Micro SD memory card to save the deleted photos. In general, not all images can be recovered, but much of the lost photos and videos are found.

We hope that one of the two options on the Samsung Galaxy S8 has helped you to recover accidentally deleted images and photos.

For the future, we recommend that you regularly backup your Samsung Galaxy S8. There are, for example, Samsung Smart Switch or other various backup solutions available.


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