Samsung Galaxy S8 Save website in Chrome offline

If you are on a web page that provides interesting information, you may want to store it offline on your Samsung Galaxy S8. With the Google Chrome Browser this is no problem. Here we show you how to store a currently displayed website offline on the Samsung Galaxy S8.

To do this, please first open the Google Chrome Browser and then open the website you would like to store offline. Continue as follows:

Samsung Galaxy S8

1. Tap the three-point symbol in the upper right corner - a menu opens.

2. Tap the following character with the arrow pointing downwards

A short info box appears with the message "Will be downloaded...". The website is then saved offline on your Samsung Galaxy S8. You can then display the offline downloaded page, for example, via the menu and then via "Downloads".

You now know how to make a website available offline on the Samsung Galaxy S8 using Google Chrome Browser.


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