Samsung Galaxy S8 Screen Black – What to do

There are many different malfunctions, which do not occur frequently, but when they happen, then it can be really annoying. This is why we will now go into further detail to the error of a black screen on the Samsung Galaxy S8.

This error often occurs unexpectedly. From now on the display of the smartphone turns black and it reacts to nothing more.

Samsung Galaxy S8

No touch inputs on the screen are possible. Only the status LED is lit. This error, also known as Black screen, usually does not mean the end of your Samsung Galaxy S8. Although the cause of the error cannot be determined first, the error of a dark screen can usually be fixed as follows:

Key combination against the black screen

With this combination you can fix the error of a dark screen:

You must press the following keys and hold down for approx. 12-15 seconds:

  • Power On / Off
  • Volume silent
  • Bixby Button

After you have held these three keys for about 12 seconds, the smartphone should restart.

Soft reset

We have consciously made Tip 1 to the option first, because with a black screen also the soft reset usually no longer works. Nevertheless, the soft reset is worth a try. Simply press and hold the power button for about 12 seconds to see if the smartphone is brought to life.

Connect the Samsung Galaxy S8 to the charger

This method can also cause the S8 screen to come back to life. Simply plug your smartphone into a charger.

Display brightness too low?

It may also be that you have set the brightness of the screen manually too low and you cannot recognize it correctly in the sun. Here simply build with your hands a cave over the display and see if indicate if the display brightness is too low.

If so, lower the status bar and set the brightness control to maximum or automatic.

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