Samsung Galaxy S8 Soft Reset - Tip

Even with the latest smartphones it can happen again and again: nothing works anymore. This means that an app has caused the smartphone to freeze and the device hangs is in a so-called "loop". There is now only one solution.

Battery out! Stop! That is with the Samsung Galaxy S8 no longer possible.... Okay then just use a soft reset. But how does a Soft Reset work? We would like to explain this in more detail in this article:

Samsung Galaxy S8

To re-launch the Samsung Galaxy S8 when it is no longer responding to inputs, simply press and hold the following button for at least 12 seconds:

  • Power On / Off on the right side of the unit

The smartphone will now go from now on equal and then restart again. Finished!

You can now operate the device again as usual. If the error occurs more often, we recommend you to update or remove the app.

You now know the methodology to perform a soft reset on the Samsung Galaxy S8.

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