Samsung Galaxy S8 Sort contacts by last name - Solved

If you have many contacts stored on the Samsung Galaxy S8 and these are sorted by the first name, then this may be an unfavorable sorting for you. Because especially with business contacts, it makes more sense to sort the contacts by surname.

We will tell you how to proceed to sort contacts with surname first.

Samsung Galaxy S8

1. Start from the Home screen and then open the app menu

2. Tap the Contacts app.

3. Select the three-point icon in the upper-right corner, then select "Settings"

4. In the next submenu, you can now select the "Name format" entry. Here, the sequence "Last name, first name" is first selected.

5. Tap "Sort To" and select "Last Name". Finished!

From now on, the contacts in the list of contacts app with last name are listed first and then in alphabetical order. You now know how to sort contacts on the Samsung Galaxy S8 by surname.


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