Samsung Galaxy S8 status bar - rearranging buttons

In the status bar of the Samsung Galaxy S8 you will find several buttons, so-called toggles, via which you can quickly control various functions. These buttons are factory set in a predefined arrangement.

Of course, you can redefine them yourself. How to do that in Android on the Samsung Galaxy S8, we'll explain it to you:

Rearrange Toggles in the notification bar of the Samsung Galaxy S8 - Instructions

Samsung Galaxy S8

1. Pull the status bar from the top with two fingers to the screen

2. Now tap in the upper right corner at the icon with the three dots and then on "Button Layout".

3. You can now move the toggles as you need them. Drag toggles from the gray inactive area to the white area.

4. If you have arranged the toggles the way you want, then select “Done” at the top right.

You now know the procedure in Android to reapply the button layout on the Samsung Galaxy S8 in the status bar.


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