Samsung Galaxy S8 three-point button in the browser

If you are using the Internet browser, which is installed on the Samsung Galaxy S8 from the factory, you may have discovered a new symbol, which is always displayed. This is a symbol with three vertical points in it. If you type this, you will see various options such as Send, New tab or Text size of the web page.

If you now ask yourself what this symbol is, we give the answer to this question:

Samsung Galaxy S8

This is the quick menu. This was integrated with one of the latest updates for the Internet browser and belongs to the category "extensions". If you want to disable the quick menu on the Samsung Galaxy S8, just tap the icon and there the gear icon.

This will now show options for the quick menu. Deactivate the switch from "On" to "Off". Finished!

You now know what the quick menu is and how to disable it.


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