Samsung Galaxy S8 to reset factory settings - Instructions

You should reset your Samsung Galaxy S8 to factory settings if you notice serious errors and problems with the Android operating system, such as high battery consumption, strong heat development, crashing, or restarting the device.

But even if you sell the Samsung Galaxy S8, you should definitely reset the device to factory settings, since only then your complete data will be deleted.

A work resume, also known as Hardreset, can be executed via the Android operating system of the Samsung Galaxy S8 as follows:

Samsung Galaxy S8

ATTENTION Back up all the data you need later - all data is deleted by a factory reset on the smartphone.

1. From the Home screen, open the app menu, and then open the settings

2. Navigate to "General Administration" --> "Reset"

3. Tap "Reset Factory settings" - Done!

4. The wizard will then appear, which guides you through the process of the factory reset. The Samsung Galaxy S8 is then restarted and the device wizard from Android appears.

You now know how to reset Samsung Galaxy S8 to factory settings and delete all data within the Android operating system.


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