Samsung Galaxy S8 Turn GPS Localization Off - Easy

The Samsung Galaxy S8 has a GPS antenna integrated, which allows you, for example, to determine your own position very precisely via Google Maps. GPS is enabled on many Samsung Galaxy S8's from factory. If you do not want it, the GPS can be turned off very quickly. We show how:

How to deactivate GPS

Samsung Galaxy S8

1. Drag the status bar of the Samsung Galaxy S8 from the top into the screen with two fingers

2. You will see various Quick Start Toggles - Tap the "GPS" toggle to turn it off

3. The color of the GPS toggle now changes from blue to gray, which means the GPS is deactivated.

Also the GPS icon in the status bar of your Samsung Galaxy S8 is now no longer displayed. So you have quickly and easily deactivated the GPS function on your Samsung Galaxy S8.


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