Samsung Galaxy S8 W-Lan Problems - First Aid

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is a great smartphone, which of course should convince in all areas. So it would be a pity if your device is W-Lan reception is insufficient and you have to struggle with connection problems.

Here is the problem mostly not the Samsung Galaxy S8 itself, but at the router configuration or the router network. We would like to give you here a few first help tips, which may eliminate the W-Lan problems with the Samsung Galaxy S8.

Samsung Galaxy S8

Please download the following app from the Google Play Store:

Tip 1: Exclude that the same SSID is duplicated

To do this, please open the app WiFi Analyzer and check if another W-Lan network, for example a neighbor uses the same SSID. Often it is so that many users use the SSID, which is pre- specified by the router.

Your SSID maybe is "Cable Box-569C". Now a neighbor buys the same router and also owns the SSID "Cable Box-569C". This leads to overlaps which lead to disconnections. Ensure that you are using a unique SSID in your environment. The SSID can be changed in the router settings.

Tip 2: Avoid multiple assignments of channels

The App WiFi Analyzer also shows you which channel your W-Lan router is sending. As a rule, the setting is set to automatically to always have the best W-Lan reception. Here, however, it can also make sense to select an open channel manually. Check which WiFi channel is permanently unoccupied. If there is such a channel, then let your router only send on this channel.

Tip 3: Restart the Wi-Fi Router

Often it also helps to restart the W-Lan router. If this runs very long without a restart, then this can lead to connection breaks with the Samsung Galaxy S8. Turn the router off or take it off the net. Then try again.

Tip 4: W-Lan in the standby mode

This setting should be checked your on the Samsung Galaxy S8. Navigate to:

Menu ---> Settings ---> Connections ---> W-Lan

Tap here on the upper right to extended and then on the entry "W-Lan in the standby mode". Set the marker to "Always". Finished!

Tip 5: Intelligent network switching -> Disabled

To disable the smart network switching on the Samsung Galaxy S8, proceed as follows:

First, enable the mobile data connection. This is necessary because otherwise the setting is grayed out and cannot be deactivated. If you have activated your mobile data connection on the smartphone please open:

Menu --> Settings --> Connections --> W-Lan --> Advanced

Here you can see "Intelligent network switching ". Deselect the option. Even if your W-Lan connection is not the best, the S8 will now maintain it and not switch to the mobile data network.

These 5 tips are designed to help you solve problems when connecting to a W-Lan router. If you have other errors or disconnections, which could not be solved with these tips, then simply tell us in the comments. We will try to help you.

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