Samsung Galaxy S8 Waterproof? Solved!

If you like to use your smartphone in the bathtub or want to take a snapshot at the lake in the water, then the following question is very important when you buy a Samsung Galaxy S8: Is the device waterproof? Here is the answer:

Samsung Galaxy S8

Yes, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is waterproof. And according to the standard:

  • IP68

What exactly does this standard mean? For this one must know for what the numbers six and eight stand:

  • 6 -> means that the Samsung Galaxy S8 is protected against dust
  • 8 -> means that the smartphone is waterproof up to a depth of 1.5 meters and can spend about half an hour there(Attention: this is fresh water)

Now you know the Samsung Galaxy S8 is protected against dust and water. A dive with it or for photos underwater the device is not suitable. If water penetrates, then the moisture indicators in the device are triggered and your guarantee will be extinguished.


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