Samsung Galaxy S8 WhatsApp How to change LED color for new messages

With the notification LED of the Samsung Galaxy S8 you will be informed about new messages. The LED can display different light colors and so it is quite useful for new incoming WhatsApp messages to change the LED color.

We recommend that you change the LED color to green. How this works exactly, we explain to you here:

Samsung Galaxy S8

To change the LED color for unread WhatsApp messages on the Samsung Galaxy S8, please open the app menu and then the Messenger WhatsApp.

1. Use the three-point symbol at the top right to open the context menu and select "Settings"

2. Navigate to "notifications" and here to "light"

3. You can now choose from a variety of colors a LED color. We recommend choosing "green" as this is characteristic for WhatsApp

If you now receive a new WhatsApp message on the Samsung Galaxy S8, this is indicated by a green notification LED.


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