Samsung Galaxy S8 Which hardware is installed - CPU and camera module

If you want to check which hardware is installed in your Samsung Galaxy S8, then you cannot see this via the Android operating system. You need an additional app for this. This is the so called "Phone Info" which reads out various hardware data from the device.

The app is definitely worth a look, since you can list a lot of information you cannot see otherwise.

Samsung Galaxy S8
So please first download the app from the Google Play Store to your Samsung Galaxy S8:

Now open the app and you will see different tabs. Each tab has different information available. To see which hardware is installed in the Samsung Galaxy S8, switch to the appropriate tab.

Here you will find the following interesting entries:

  • Chip
  • GPU
  • RAM
  • screen
  • Sound Card
  • camera

You now know how you can read on the Samsung Galaxy S8, which technology is installed.


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