Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 How to perform a soft reset if nothing works

If your Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 does not respond no longer in touch inputs while running an app or another system application, then you have the so-called "Freeze" problem. Freeze means frozen. The screen responds neither to inputs, yet can be any actions made via the home or another button. If this is the case for your Samsung Galaxy Tab 4, then only a so-called soft reset helps out.

How such a soft reset works, which results in a restart of the device works, we want to explain now:

In order to trigger the soft reset, press and hold the Power On/ Off button for about 12 seconds. Subsequently, the display immediately turns black and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 restarts.

Afterwards you can work as usual with your Samsung Galaxy Tab 4. Nevertheless, it is advisable to check where the "Freeze" screen came from and how these errors can be corrected in the future.

Tip: Check whether you have downloaded apps from the Market. This can lead to compabilty problems with your Tab.

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