Samsung Galaxy - The operating system of your device has been changed in an unauthorized way...

If you have purchased a new Samsung Galaxy smartphone such as the Samsung Galaxy S7 or Samsung Galaxy S8 then it can happen that you get the following "Device information" Error message on the display:

"The operating system on your device has been modified in an unauthorized way. Try downloading software updates by using Samsung Kies on your Pc or visit a customer service center"

If this error message appears on the Samsung Galaxy Smartphone, then there are now two possibilities for this message:

  1. The Knox counter of the Samsung Galaxy Smartphone has been activated.

An activated Knox counter means that the smartphone has been rooted and the counter has been activated.

You can check on the Samsung Galaxy whether the Knox Counter has been set up. Download the following app from the google Play Store to your smartphone:

  • Phone Info

With this app, you can read the KNOX Counter on Samsung Galaxy Smartphones. Open the app and check whether the counter has a "Knox guarantee status" on the "General" tab:

  • 0x0 - Everything is OK, the Knox Counter has not been activated - Please continue with No.2
  • 0x1 - The Knox Counter has been activated, the Samsung Galaxy Smartphone has been rooted - there is no guarantee claim anymore

Depending on the status of the Knox Counter, the error message is declared or not. Therefore, we recommend our guide No. 2

  1. The message "The operating system of your device has been changed in an unauthorized way ..." appears after a firmware update. Here, you must proceed as follows:
  2. Reboot the smartphone - Check whether the error message still exists
  3. Wipe cache partition - Check if the message appears LINK
  4. If all does not help, a factory reset has to be done again

We hope that now the message "The operating system of your device was changed in an unauthorized way ..." no longer occurs on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

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