Samsung Gear S3 Charger LED lights orange - meaning

The Samsung Gear S3 is inductively charged via a charging station. You only have to place the Smartwatch on the charging station and the charging process begins. You can use an LED at the charging station to determine whether the device is being charged.

Here, in addition to red and green, the color of the ornaments can also light up. If you do not know what the orange LED light means, then we would like to explain to you as shier briefly:

Samsung Gear S3 LED of the inductive charging station is orange

The reason for this is that the charging station is connected to a power supply, which has too low Power output. As a result, your Samsung Gear S3 will be slow or maybe not charged at all. What can you do now?

Be sure to use the charger or AC adapter that came with the Samsung Gear S3. If you do not have such a device anymore, then you will find the official accessories here:

You now know why the LED of the charging station of your Samsung Gear S3 is orange.


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