Samsung Gear S3 reduce battery consumption - 8 tips

The Samsung Gear S3 has a 350 mAh battery, which powers the Smartwatch. This holds longer or shorter depending on the load. Therefore, we would like to tell you today various tips, which help extend the battery life of the Samsung Gear S3.

The following workarounds should be used to extend the clock's run time:

  1. Disable the Smartwatch Display when not in use - simply cover the display with your hand - This will turn it off.
  2. Use the power-saving mode of the Samsung Gear S3
  3. End applications via the Task Manager of the clock
  4. Disable the Bluetooth and W-Lan connection, if you do not use it continuously
  5. Reduce the brightness of the Smartwatch
  6. The permanent display of the clock should be deactivated - this can cause tremendous battery life
  7. Use your smartphone to adjust the notification settings for the Samsung Gear S3
  8. Turn off the activation by voice commands - See the setting on S Voice

These eight tips should help you reduce the battery consumption of the Samsung Gear S3 and to increase the term.



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