Samsung TV Smart Hub error - Tip

If you have a Samsung TV with the function "Smart Hub", it may be that this does not work properly after the last firmware update. This keeps the TV in a boot loop when you open the Smart Hub, which means that no TV can be watched.

If this error occurs with your Samsung TV, then it only helps to proceed as follows, so you can again watch TV:

  1. Switch off your Samsung TV
  2. Disable the network connection, so either disconnect the LAN cable or turn off the W-LAN Router
  3. Switch your Samsung TV back on
  4. Now deactivate in the Samsung TV settings the "SmartHub" application

Afterwards you should be able to watch again TV without problems on your Samsung television. Most likely, Samsung will solve the problem within a few hours by using a software patch. Until then you can at least watch with the above-described tip TV.


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