See mountains names in the alps via smartphone – Tips

If you are in the mountains on the go, whether on foot, by motorbike or by car, then you want to know for certain, which mountains are just around you. Unfortunately, it is usually not possible to quickly obtain information about the names of mountains. If you travel the world, this is even almost impossible.

But only almost, because luckily there are smartphones and a corresponding app. We want to recommend you the app "PeakFinder" here. With PeakFinder you can use your smartphone to determine the names of mountains and alps just around you. PeakFinder currently has saved around 250,000 Mountain names.

Once you have downloaded the app first, then this works fully offline. The mountains are determined by GPS, Google Maps or a manual coordinate input. The easiest way is to align the smartphone after opening the app on the mountain, as if you want to shoot a picture of the scenery. It then appears on your phone a 360° mountain panorama display with all summits names. The surrounding mountains, up to 300 km wide, are then easy to determine. PeakFinder is fed weekly with new names and mountain peaks.

For those who like to stay in the mountains around the world traveling and want to know which mountains are around them, we definitely recommend PeakFinder.

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