Sim card does not fit into your smartphone – Tips

In general, after ordering a new smartphone you forget a small important detail: The Sim Card size
Why is it important to think about the Sim card, if you order a new smartphone? It's very simple: There are different sizes and formats of Sim cards at the market. Currently there are the following formats in use:

• Standard Sim Card
• Micro Sim Card
• Nano Sim Card

This Sim card formats are all different in size: The standard sim card is the biggest and the Nano Sim card is the smallest size. Since the slots into which the sim card in smartphones are placed exactly match to one of the above sizes, it is not possible to use a different format.
Now it may be that the sim card of your old smartphone does not fit into your new smartphone. What to do? You now have the following options:
If your Sim card is too big: You can use a so called "Sim card cutter". Sim card cutter punch out the correct format from your sim card, if this is bigger in size. Such Sim Card Cutter already exist for little money here: "Sim Card Cutter"

If your Sim card is too small: With a Sim card adapter you can easily convert and thus use your Sim card in larger sim slots. Such Sim Card Adapter can be found here: "Cheap Sim Card Adapter"
Alternatively, you can request a new sim card, which can be associated with costs from your mobile carrier. You know now what options you have if your SIM card does not fit into your new smartphone, because it is too large or too small.

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