Snapchat - What do the stars at my contacts stand for? Solution!

If you use on your smartphone the app "Snapchat" to stay connected with your friends and to send actual photos from your life, then you will eventually ask what the star symbols are standing for. We want to explain meaning of the star symbols in Snapchat in more detail to you here.

If you see a star symbol in Snapchat added to one of your contacts, then it means that this contact is one of your favorites. A contact is then a favorite, if you send a lot of Snapchat messages to him. Snapchat therefore automatically assign such a star to contacts, with which you write the most messages.


This is everything about the stars in SnapChat. We wish you much fun with Snapchat and sharing your pictures with friends.

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Update 25.09.2015:

It seems, that Snapchat integrated a new star symbol besides the star symbol mentioned above.

At the moment we dont know exactly what that new star means, but we will inform you here as soon as possible. Stay tuned!

Update 26.09.2015

One of our guests commented:

"It appears when someone on that persons contact list has replayed a snapchat that has been sent to them. So if "Kyle" (random name) has a star next to his name. It means that one of the snapchats "Kyle" recently sent to someone was replayed". Thanks Maddison, for that information


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