Sony Xperia M5 Sim card size – Solution

Not every SIM card fits into any smartphone. That's why it makes sense to inform yourself in advance about whether the Sim card type, the one currently used, also fits into the new smartphone like the Sony Xperia M5.
Since there are different types, Standard, Micro and Nano SIM card, we give you here the information which one is needed for the Sony Xperia M5:

The Sony Xperia M5 requires a Nano-SIM card

The Sony Xperia M5 uses a Sim card type which is more and more popular because it currently has the smallest format of all variants.

If you do not have a Nano sim card, you have the following options:

Option 1: Sim card punch

With a Sim card punch you can punch out a Nano-SIM card from a standard or micro-SIM card. The templates are included, which then corresponds to the format of the Nano-Sim.
Such Sim Card Punching can be bought for example on Amazon.

Option 2: Request Nano Sim Card at Mobile operators

Of course your mobile operator sends to you a Nano sim card. This comes at a cost of $ 10-25 (depending on your network provider).
You know now which sim card type the new Sony Xperia M5 smartphone requires.

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