Sony Xperia XZ Screenshot - Instructions

Taking a screenshot is one of the most important functions of a smartphone and thus also to those of the Sony Xperia XZ. We explain in this guide two different ways to take a screenshot with the Sony Xperia XZ.

Method 1: Key Combination

You can also take a screenshot with the Sony Xperia XZ by simultaneously pressing the following keys for at least 2 seconds:

  • Power key
  • volume key

 When the screenshot is taken, you can release the two keys.

Method 2: Status bar

Just drag the status bar from the top of the screen and then select the toggle with the plus icon in the middle. This will also capture the currently displayed screen in a screenshot.

You now know two methods to easily and quickly create a screenshot on the Sony Xperia XZ.

You can then find the screenshots you have taken in the appropriately named folder in the gallery app of the Sony Xperia XZ.


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